Your Health, Personalized. is the hub of everything health and wellness.

It is not business. It's personal. is a hub of everything health and wellness.
No matter your age, lifestyle, or fitness ambitions, has the information and products you need to achieve your goal.

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Become your healthiest self

Do you wish you could have an easier time getting in shape but don’t know where to start?

Our experts, who come from all kinds of health and wellness backgrounds have combined their broad knowledge-base to help you live a healthier life and have an easier time doing it. Read more

  • Tailored meals to keep you fueled

    Looking for new and exciting meal choices? We’ve got all kinds of different recipe suggestions, each with their own detailed nutritional breakdown.

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  • Connect your fitness routine to your body's needs

    Not sure if you’re doing those squats quite right? Drawing on input from certified personal trainers, our infographics show you how to work out the right way so that you minimize your risk of injury and maximize your results.

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  • Feel whole, feel balanced, feel good

    Picking out the right vitamins and minerals can be a tough, expensive guessing game. We say “No longer!” Each supplement product listed includes a breakdown of its contents as well as a guide that tells you how much benefit you will get from it.

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  • The best products for your most productive you

    Any tangible product you may need to get/stay healthy, we’ve got you covered. Cooking utensils, yoga mats, water bottles, weight sets; we’ve got ‘em. And we’re always expanding our inventory. Feel free to suggest anything else we ought to include.

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how genius is different?



We work hard to make the collection as easy to understand as possible. Your health shouldn’t suffer because of confusing fine print and double-speak. We know you’re a! We believe you should feel like one.


Our health and wellness professionals provide input at every stage of our collection’s production. We make sure we’re giving you safe, top of the line suggestions in every regard. Trust is key. That’s why we rely on the experts.


When you sign on for a wellness plan, you want to know that it’s going to work for you. When you upload your DNA reports to your profile, you have the peace of mind knowing that all the information you see is tailored to your unique self.


A platform where everything is customized to fit your individual needs? That’s top of the line value right there, not to mention all the products we offer that we source directly from partners, which saves you money by cutting out extra fees.


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