genei.us is a personalized health marketplace that curates everything you need, from content to products and services, to help you better manage your daily wellness decisions.

Become your healthiest self & save

Our experts, including physicians, personal trainers, dieticians, and dermatologists, have combined their broad knowledge-base to help you live a healthier life and have an easier time doing it.


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Our mission is simple:

we do the work of creating the collection of products and content you need, to save you time and money.

When designing genei.us (www.genei.us), we took the simple concept of marketplace and made it even better. Rather than a marketplace, genei.us is a carefully curated collection — a highly selective and personalized collection with a singular focus — helping you become your healthiest self.

Eco Conscious

A healthy lifestyle is about more than what you eat and how much physical activity you get. What we wear and the products we use daily are all part of an interconnected web of wellness. That’s why we are prioritizing eco-friendly and sustainable goods when available.

Find your inner geneius.

With genei.us, not only you can purchase wellness-related products such as vitamins, yoga mats, and exercise gear, you also gain access to loads of content like recipes and workout suggestions. Additionally, if you add your DNA file to your genei.us profile, you get hyper-personalized information and offers tailored to you.

Concerned about a nutrient deficiency? Not a problem. Here are different recipes for you to choose from,  a discounted supplement you can buy, and a few tips on the most beneficial exercises for you. You don’t like kale? No worries, we’ll let you know what you can substitute it with so you get the nutrients you need.


Are you a professional athlete?

Find out what we have to offer to help you achieve the career longevity you desire.