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  • Scaling Beyond MVP -- a 30-minute talk with room for questions geared towards non-technical or technical founders who are struggling to understand "building for scalability" and how to handle the tradeoffs between speed and stability when developing software.
  • Tech for Non-Techie Entrepreneurs -- a 30-45 minute talk with room for questions geared towards non-technical founders who need just enough knowledge about how web and mobile technologies fit together to understand "developer speak".
  • 1-day Branding and Naming Sprint -- this could be a 1-hour overview session that walks through how they can conduct the sprint on their own geared towards all founders that need to come up with a unified voice, name, and overall brand quickly.
  • The 20-minute Business Plan -- a quick and easy way to map out the business plan on a lean canvas so that founders who have a product idea but are struggling to create a business plan can put something together as a first step.
  • Pricing Strategy -- a 30-minute to 1-hour session product-focused entrepreneurs who need help thinking about pricing strategy.
  • Design Thinking -- an overview of design thinking principles and how to apply them on a daily basis to build the right products that customers need.
  • Why, How, and When to Conduct Customer Interviews -- an hour session where we go through customer interviews.
  • Design Sprints 101 -- a 60-minute session that gives an overview of design sprints as a method for rapid iteration. This could potentially lead to a 2-day workshop.
  • Key Metrics for your Product -- a 1-hour session on how to build and measure key metrics using the pirate method.
  • 5 Stages of Awareness -- a 30-minute session with time for questions on targeting the 5 stages of awareness to build a robust pipeline.
  • Angel Investing - What they look for and the dos and don't of pitching to Angels
  • Product / Market Fit
  • Goal Setting
  • Storytelling
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Customer Development
  • Investor Emotional Triggers
  • Press & PR Strategy
  • Advanced Sales Tactics
  • Institutional Fundraising
  • Investor Relations
  • BOD and Advisory Board
  • Expert Sales Tactics

Program costs 2,800 USD per start up. it Includes 2 months of membership at one of the WeWork Labs Participating Locations and close work with both geneius experts and mentors to guide you through the process.

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